One Day in NYC with the Contax TVS Digital

While in the US in January, 2017 I took the little and severely outdated Contax TVSd out for a wander around Midtown, Chelsea, Brooklyn and the Financial District. I pretty much just used it to snap some really touristy shots, pretty much just whatever I saw while walking about. As usual, the TVS was a super fun camera to shoot. I was able to get around without a bag and just use the wrist strap to transport the camera. Very minimalist setup.

It was mid-winter but not snowing, raining or windy – it was just dead cold which is why some of the pictures look a touch hazy in the distance, as looking uptown was difficult due to the near negative temperatures. I did take some of these frames in the morning and took at break until the afternoon, thus the slight difference in horizon draw distance and colour. NYC really is a fun place to shoot and I hope to head back there in the future to really spend some time shooting street and develop a body of work. It really is a mecca for street as it’s so busy, there’s so much hustle and so many characters.

As usual, the TVSd performed well and to my expectations. It’s a solid little device, albeit old and lacking RAW support. Again, I’ve applied mild edits to the SOOC JPG files to give them the feel that I like, which is surprising as I’m usually worried editing JPG files. But, Contax’s JPG files seem hardy enough to at least treat a little.

I hope to be heading to NYC again in early 2018 to spend a few days documenting some of the neighbourhoods north of the park, Queens and Brooklyn – very exciting.

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