Ricoh GR Street Photography in Melbourne

JC heads back into Melbourne’s CBD with his tiny Ricoh GR to tour some of the iconic laneways early in the morning. Some street, some urban, a delivery van and pretty much all rubbish early morning photography for your viewing pleasure!

You’ll see all the results, even the terrible ones!


4 thoughts on “Ricoh GR Street Photography in Melbourne”

  1. Some great pics there, the GR makes it look so easy. You still have to have the eye for the photo though.
    So next challenge, that quality and ease of photo with the Contax please :). Keep it up, i am sure each video will keep getting better and better.

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    1. Thanks Martin! You’re too kind. The GR really is too easy sometimes. I’m working on a few other videos right now actually!


  2. Interesting tour of the city. I think maybe Martin’s comment about using film is a good one. With the GR it is so easy and film might have focused you to stop more to get more detailed photos of people.

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    1. Totally agree, life really is almost too easy with the GR and I need to slow down to focus my attention on good composition. Most of the shots from this second video are pretty poor, but that’s why I’m making these: to improve, be critical of my work and technique. Thanks again!


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