Abandoned Silos Geelong on 35mm film with Contax G2

JC wanders around an iconic abandoned wheat silo in Geelong, Victoria with his Contax G2 and the legendary 28mm Biogon f/2. This particular silo has some artwork on the side by Rone, which I missed footage of, but got some nice shots in the end. The location is pretty obvious and close to the road, but once you’re in it has a grand feel to it.

You’ll see all (well, most) of the results, even some terrible ones!



2 thoughts on “Abandoned Silos Geelong on 35mm film with Contax G2”

  1. JC – I much prefer these photos in B&W. Frankly they don’t do much for me in color, but as either monochrome or Noir in my black and white presets (I tried one photo) it looks good.

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    1. Hey Bob, I think you’re right! There wasn’t much colour in the environment, which is ideal for BW. Unfortunately, I was all out of BW film when I shot this. Will have to remember to get some HP5 for next time!


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