Guest Post: Mike Photographs the The World Cup In DUMBO viewing party

Mike returns for his second guest post, this time focusing on The World Cup In Dumbo viewing party that he happened to stumble upon. With Baci and his Fuji in toe he truly captured the emotion of the World Cup (but in Brooklyn, obviously).

I’m not really into watching the sports, nor am I into playing the sports. But, what I do enjoy is taking pictures of people watching the sports. Seeing so many people come together and cheer over the same thing is pretty remarkable. There’s not many things left in this world that can still do that.

Baci and I were wandering down under the Manhattan bridge overpass, (aka Dumbo) and we hear this distant cheering and yelling. What could it be we wondered? I allowed Baci’s super sonic hearing to guide us closer and closer to the sounds. We meandered through the flea market, which has a great record selection if you’re in town. We hear even more cheers! “Sounds like a large crowd!” Baci exclaimed. Alas! We found the source!

They were playing the game under the bridge! We squeezed into a good spot and we did what we do best – I took a bunch of photos and Baci sniffed everything in sight. Or was it the other way around? You may notice that there is exactly only two images that feature the screen. Why you may ask? Because to me, that’s not where the real action was.


Mike can be reached on @mikeyboards on the Instagrams. Make sure you give his feed a look, it’s one of my favorites and his dog Baci truly is super cute. Join me in thanking Mike for spending the time punching out this quick piece, it’s a banger! Mike also records POV videos with his dog, amazing content I HIGHLY recommend you check out.

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