Contax TVS Digital – DO NOT buy this camera

Off the back of the T2 and T3 fame, the Contax TVS Digital has started to (hilariously) climb in price. It’s a surprisingly fun shooter, despite its age and lack of megapixels – it’s got five! The TVSd is pretty slow to focus, but nails it almost always but it does take a while to write to old ass SD cards. The files it produces aren’t terrible though! The JPGs are perfectly usable and are generally pretty sharp. That said though, it’s not worth the silly prices it’s currently commanding.

So join me for a short walk around Brunswick, Melbourne as I take some photos with this old Contax branded titanium box. Do not buy this camera, it’s too old. Grab yourself an RX100 or a Ricoh GR (which have just dropped in price!) or even a film TVS if it’s got to be Contax. Thanks for watching!


Things to note:

  1. I found an BBQ!
  2. Lushsux (and you really can fit plenty of graffiti on a wall)
  3. The Contax TVS Digital is really too old to stand up to today’s standards. Don’t be lured in by the nice, shiny Contax branding – get yourself something modern that
  4. The TVSd has a fun little zoom lens that’s about 35-100mm giving it a decent reach, even though I largely stay at 35-50mm almost all the time


Below are all the images from the video (and a few more that I failed to get footage of/didn’t make it because they’re bad). Nothing spectacular by any means, just a normal day out shooting. The TVSd is a fun companion on a day out, but not a great performer. I much prefer my Ricoh GR as a daily driver but take the Contax out every now and then, why? It’s the only camera I own with a zoom lens and sometimes it’s fun to be able to zoom a bit.

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I've been taking terrible street shots on and off since around 2014. I started this site in a attempt to better understand the process of photography and write about it at the same time. While I’m obsessed with gear like pretty much all photography nerds, I’m also obsessed with good photographs that make us feel something. I hoping that through this site my photography will develop into something that makes you feel something (other than complete disappointment, of course).

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