Climate Strike Protest 2019 | Street Photography with Leica M9 & Ricoh GR3!

I was lucky enough to join in the crowd as Melbourne lead the charge on the Global Strike 4 Climate protest on Friday that saw over 100,000 protesters take the the streets to raise awareness for Climate Change.


The protest took a typical route through the city with protesters chanting, waiving super creative signs and bringing the city to a stand-still. Made up of a large portion of students, environmental groups, unions and families the crowd was high energy. I opted to shoot from the street with my Leica M9 with the Minolta 40mm M-Rokkor and my Ricoh GR III. For me, this is the optimal point of view when shooting a protest, as you can get a real feel for the event and how the crowd is feeling. Very cool.

Surprisingly, while the crowd was high energy and positive, the police kept their distance, largely allowing the crowd to do their thing. I noticed a few other Leica shooters jetting around which was nice, but very few from a similar vantage point to me. There really is nothing like getting down on the street, on the ground with the group to try to capture the mood. Hopefully, this set and video does the protest justice.


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I've been taking terrible street shots on and off since around 2014. I started this site in a attempt to better understand the process of photography and write about it at the same time. While I’m obsessed with gear like pretty much all photography nerds, I’m also obsessed with good photographs that make us feel something. I hoping that through this site my photography will develop into something that makes you feel something (other than complete disappointment, of course).

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