Guest Post: Mike Photographs the The World Cup In DUMBO viewing party

Mike returns for his second guest post, this time focusing on The World Cup In Dumbo viewing party that he happened to stumble upon. With Baci and his Fuji in toe he truly captured the emotion of the World Cup (but in Brooklyn, obviously).

Guest Post: Mikeyboards, Street photography with your dog

I reached out to someone I connected with on Instagram @mikeyboards. We connected over our shared obsession for taking photos of strangers on the streets, how awkward it can be and how we approach it.  He shares how he got started making photos on the streets of New York City with his dog, Baci.

One Day in NYC with the Contax TVS Digital

While in the US in January, 2017 I took the little and severely outdated Contax TVSd out for a wander around Midtown, Chelsea, Brooklyn and the Financial District. I pretty much just used it to snap some really touristy shots, pretty much just whatever I saw while walking about. As usual, the TVS was a… Continue reading One Day in NYC with the Contax TVS Digital

Womens March on NYC, January 2017

I was lucky enough to be in New York’s Midtown area during the 2017 Women’s March. The streets of President Trump’s hometown were steeped in protesters Saturday, 21st January following his Presidential Inauguration — the masses set on showing the nation’s new commander-in-chief they won’t be silent. More than 400,000 people marched through Midtown to… Continue reading Womens March on NYC, January 2017